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Choosing the best App Developer for your New Mobile App

What You Need to Know!

If you are seriously thinking about commissioning a new app and are busy trying to find a developer, you may already be overwhelmed with the selection process. Seriously, the range of skills, abilities, rates, and methodologies is vast and to be honest a little confusing for someone not involved in the mobile app industry.

Dunamis Birmingham App Developers

So, the team at Dunamis thought we would give you a helping hand and have pulled together some tips to put you on the right path.

Clearly Define Your Project

It is going to be hard for any developer to give you accurate costs for developing your new app if you do not have an exact understanding of what you want.

It could be that you have your end goal in mind and would benefit from some advice. We are happy to give you some time. Starting with what we call a clarity call, we can help add some meat to the bones of your idea, building the blueprint you need to get going.

Make Sure You New App Adds Value to Your Business

Developing a new app for your company is an exciting process. But be warned, it is easy to get carried away and to keep adding lots of features and functionality. The problem with this is that it can take your app away from its’ primary purpose and increase costs if not managed.

By looking at every feature carefully it is possible to work out the benefit to your business versus the cost of that function. Our app consultants will help you prioritise those features, ensuring that stay on track. We will help you define what we call your MVP (minimal viable product). Your MVP is the most basic version of what your app needs to do to get the job done.

Additional features can be added later once your new app is established.

Your App Developer Should Guide You Technically

We do not expect you to understand programming languages, hosting and security protocols.

As professional App developers it is our job to look at your specification and advise you on all the technical requirements needed to deliver your new app.

Get this wrong and the results can be disastrous.

Slow loading unstable apps turn users off and can even prevent your app being accepted by the app stores. Balancing cost against performance and security is something we will help you get to grips with. Our aim is to always find the correct solution that matches both your budget and actual requirements.

Partner with an App Development Company

Acquiring a mobile app for your business require a serious investment in both time and money. It is therefore important that you are supported once your new app is live. Therefore, you need to select an app development company that you can partner with long term. Make sure your app project comes with a full maintenance and hosting package backed up with a strong service level agreement.

As your business grows it is highly likely that you will want to further develop your app. Make sure that you have a clear understand of what future development rates are before proceeding.

Finally having a named contact that you have a strong rapport with is essential. For example, we have dedicated customer facing team members including account managers on hand to respond quickly to our clients when needed.

Look at their Existing Work & Case Studies

Any app developer worth their salt will gladly show off their latest work to you. Make sure you download some of the existing apps they have developed to ensure they run smoothly and look good.

The user experience and interface (UX/UI) is what the end user interacts with and is therefore important. Look at branding, design, and menu layouts. Finally, checkout their case studies which should include feedback from existing customers.

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