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6 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing in 2020

Facebook the popular Social Media platform has become a daily part of most people routine. It is easily accessible on all our devices and plays an important role in keeping us connected with our communities. Which is why business users should be interested in exploiting the platform as part of their marketing mix.

Remarkable Usage Statistics

It has estimated daily visits from 1.5 billion people who upload 300 million photos and consume 8 billion videos. Facebook also reigns supreme when you look at how much time people spend on the site compared to others. The average user hangs out 58 minutes a day on Facebook, this is 18 minutes more than its nearest rival YouTube which averages 40 mins per user per day.

Mobile Domination

One of the key reasons for Facebooks has become so big is because it is so easy to access on mobile devices. In fact, 96% of users access the site via their mobile devices compared to a paltry 4% of desktop users. We must also remember that both Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by the platform giving them huge mobile dominance worldwide. This has given Facebook a massive competitive edge on its rivals.

Given this user data it is clear, that Facebook is a platform that marketers just cannot afford to ignore!’

Serious Marketers Use Facebook

Given this user data it is clear, that Facebook is a platform that marketers just cannot afford to ignore! Facebook is an ideal place to create and distribute your quality content, a fantastic place to establish your brand and get your message out there.

But beware Facebook Marketing does come with some challenges.

Low Organic Reach Problem

The challenge comes around what is known as ‘reach’. Brad Smith from the Content Marketing Institute recently posted that a Facebook page with over 500,000 ‘likes’ would have an average organic reach of only 2% for every post (based on research from Ogilvy). Which by anyone’s calculations is incredibly low.

The key reason for this is the amount of content being posted to the platform has increased massively to 30 billion posts per month. In order to cope with this, Facebook have had to tweak their algorithm to provide what they consider to be only the most relevant content to each user. This can dramatically limit the number of eyeballs that see your organic posts.

6 Ways you can extend your Facebook reach

That said you can still win on Facebook if you take time to understand the platform and the opportunities it offers. To help you with this and as promised here are 6 ways improve you Facebook marketing in 2020.

1) Publish Videos – Video is now driving the Facebook platform as users prefer to watch them compared to any other form of post. Smartphones mean that users can now record, edit and publish videos directly to the platform. If you are interested in doing the same take a look at these apps – Machete Video Editor and KineMaster. If you have budget it is also worth investing in Adobe Premiere Pro

2) Facebook Live – Following on from our first tip, Facebook Live allows you to speak directly to your audience via their Facebook Live feature. This can be a great way to educate and inform users about your products and services. A great tip is to use Facebook Live from within your business page. It is important that you make your video visually engaging selecting a good filming location. Keep reintroducing yourself and encourage your viewers to like and share.

3) Facebook Groups – Being able to build communities is one of the key features on Facebook. A top tip is to create groups that are by invitation only (emphasize exclusivity) in order to maintain quality and keep spammers out. Groups are growing in popularity as they allow users to draw their audience to a single place where they can engage with them and other like-minded people. As with all networking make sure build good relationships and do not oversell. Encourage others to post and make sure they you know you are listening (but do not talk too much).

4) Engagement Posts – Creating posts that invite people to offer their opinion is an extremely effective way of generating lots of engagement and reach on Facebook. An example of this type of post is as follows; ‘I am making a Cheesecake today, not sure what toppings to go with … Strawberry or Orange. What is your favourite?’

The reason this type of post works so well is because most people love to share their opinion. Combine this with the fact that the Facebook algorithm rewards you with increased reach when you consistently create popular posts.

5) Story Posts – Not to be confused with Facebook Stories, a story post starts with a dramatic opening statement that draws people in. The idea is that you write a long post that compels people to click the ‘see more’ link and draw them towards a call to action. Leon Streete a friend of ours is a master at creating really engaging story posts that form the bedrock of most of his lead generation activity take a look at his page here.

6) Facebook Ads – Like Google, Facebook have created their own pay-per-click advertising system (advertisers only pay if someone clicks their advert). What is so effective about the Facebook advertising system is the ability to really target who your ads are shown to based on their interests and posts. You can drill down and be extremely specific in your targeting, ensuring that you do not waste money and maximize your chances for success. Two top features for Facebook ads are to use the Facebook Pixel and the Facebook Lookalike Audience function.

Create a Follow Up

It is important that you drive your audience through to a landing page where their information can be captured and followed up. Commonly known as a marketing funnel, most small businesses leave out this vital component from their online marketing strategy. As a result, they leave money on the table by reducing the quantity of leads generated.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have at least one marketing funnel in place!

A basic funnel consists of a compelling CTA (call to action). A strong CTA should mirror the biggest challenges your prospects face. In addition to this you should be capturing their details in exchange for an offer. Typically, your offer should be a free video or eBook that provides your target audience with lots of valuable information. This establishes you as an authority in your field and more importantly gives you a chance to have some dialogue with targeted prospects.

Need Help?

Whilst the principles of developing an online marketing strategy are quite straightforward. Building and assembling all the different elements can be incredibly challenging.

As always, the team at Dunamis are on hand to help. We offer training so you can do it yourself or full campaign management where we do all the work for you.

To find out more visit our site

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